Music in a time of Global Crisis #7 – Matt Finney

Next up for Music in a time of Global Crisis is Matt Finney. Matt is a vocalist and lyricist with an impressive discography, adding spoken word and storytelling to ambient and experimental music. Collaborations with Tehran-based Siavash Amini, Heinali, and Eye Spirit have been released on labels such as Opal Tapes and Umor Rex. As part of the quintet, Clawing, Matt’s vocals have appeared on the most recent RTR sampler and were scheduled for an album release in October 2020. Of course, there is a delay to the schedule due to ongoing events, but the album will be coming, and it is something to get excited about!

In this feature, Matt talks about finding focus, shares his recent playlist, highlights the daily broadcasts of bandmate Jeff McLeod, and giving back through creating music.

Matt Finney

How have the widespread lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 crisis affected your music making?

I don’t think they’ve hindered it much. If anything, else it’s giving me a lot more time to focus but it’s also giving me a lot more time to convince myself something is garbage, so I end up throwing a lot of it away or starting over.

What music, new or old, have you been listening to lately, and have your listening habits changed as a result of the current situation?

‘Hustle Up Starlings’ by Matthew Ryan, ‘Local Honey’ by Brian Fallon, ‘I Am Not A Dog On A Chain’ by Morrissey, ‘Underneath’ by Code Orange, ‘Black Face’ by Violeer, and ‘The Back Room’ by Editors.

Consequence of Sound reported the worst week of album sales since the 1960s (28th March 2020). Do you think the coronavirus outbreak will have a lasting negative effect on the music industry?

I wouldn’t think so. Not really my area of expertise here but I’m buying more music and movies and books than ever. It’s part of what’s keeping a lot of us sane during these tense and trying times. Music has always done this, and I don’t think that’s going to change.

With more musicians live streaming from their homes than ever before, do you think this trend will continue once things improve?

Absolutely and our guitarist, Jeff McLeod, is live streaming his fantastic playing daily! You can check that out here.

What do you think we as music makers can be doing to create positivity right now?

Keep making sincere music. It’s a rough time and everyone is feeling it, but we’ve all been lucky enough to find ourselves in positions where we can give something back, something that touches others and allows them to escape. I know I’m grateful for everyone here for sharing their gifts during all of this.


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