The Maker #15 – Matt Atkins

The fifteenth instalment of The Maker feature follows the release of 'A Garden of Solitude' (RTR022) by London-based improviser and experimentalist, Matt Atkins. Matt is a busy creative with a consistent output across multiple labels, including TQ N-aut, Falt, his own output, Minimal Resource Manipulation, and many others. Matt is also an accomplished and regular … Continue reading The Maker #15 – Matt Atkins

The Maker #12 – Brian Barth

The 12th instalment of 'The Maker' series brings Brian Barth into conversation. Under the name of his ambient project, andarctica, Brian's latest album 'buried with the bells' (RTR020) came out on Monday. Four long-form mediations on closure created with lengthy manipulated bell passages a gradually evolving loops. The Amsterdam-based musician talks about Steve Reich's 'Music … Continue reading The Maker #12 – Brian Barth