Music in a time of Global Crisis #4 – Jeff Brown

This next instalment of Music in a time of Global Crisis brings the conversation to Jeff Brown. The Seattle-based musician creates long-form ambient and drone soundscapes, combining guitar with drifting effects and lo-fi textures. Jeff has contributed to a number of RTR compilations and is set to release an album, 'Forgive the Trespass' (RTR027), on … Continue reading Music in a time of Global Crisis #4 – Jeff Brown

Music in a time of Global Crisis #3 – SELVEDGE

SELEVDGE is the sonic outlet of Lawrence, Kansas-based musicians Chance Dibben. Combining elements of dark ambient, drone, electronics and noise, Chance contributes to the third instalment of Music in a time of Global Crisis. Like many of the names appearing as part of this series over the next few weeks, Chance was lined up to … Continue reading Music in a time of Global Crisis #3 – SELVEDGE

Music in a time of Global Crisis #2 – Anne Sulikowski

This may only be the second instalment of the series, but the response so far has been very positive. I can't stress enough the severity of the situation, the importance of taking social distancing seriously, and the sincere gratitude we owe to the front-line workers who are putting themselves at risk for our health and … Continue reading Music in a time of Global Crisis #2 – Anne Sulikowski

Music in a time of Global Crisis #1 – Good Weather for an Airstrike

The idea behind this ongoing feature is simple: to open up a conversation amongst musicians operating within ambient, drone, and experimental styles about the current global crisis in relation to Covid-19. As a majority of us are now in a state of lockdown, I believe that music making and listening is as important as ever, … Continue reading Music in a time of Global Crisis #1 – Good Weather for an Airstrike

The Listener #8 – Julien Demoulin

RTR listeners may be familiar with Julien Demoulin; the Brussels-based electronic and experimental musician has previously appeared on the RTR Sampler Vol. 2 that kickstarted 2019 for the label. Julien self-released two brand new albums on tape earlier this month: 'Revealed' under his own name, and 'Aphantasia' under his new Pandorama project. 'Revealed' presents fourteen … Continue reading The Listener #8 – Julien Demoulin

The Maker #12 – Brian Barth

The 12th instalment of 'The Maker' series brings Brian Barth into conversation. Under the name of his ambient project, andarctica, Brian's latest album 'buried with the bells' (RTR020) came out on Monday. Four long-form mediations on closure created with lengthy manipulated bell passages a gradually evolving loops. The Amsterdam-based musician talks about Steve Reich's 'Music … Continue reading The Maker #12 – Brian Barth

The Maker #11 – Dominic Razlaff

This instalment of The Listener features Dominic Razlaff. The Braunschweig-based musician has previously released works on Elm Records, Singing Birds, Kaarbanik Sound, and stuk Label under the name of DR. Now joining RTR with his latest album, 'Melancholie' (RTR019), Dominic explore low-fidelity through degraded audio and manipulated field recordings. Dominic joins us to talk about … Continue reading The Maker #11 – Dominic Razlaff

The Maker #10 – Andrew Sherwell

Following his release on RTR last month, Andrew Sherwell returns to the blog for a maker feature. The London-based experimental musician has been releasing his own unique blend of ambient and drone music, using re-sampled choral performances and field recordings gathered in churches and cathedrals. Since bursting onto the contemporary ambient scene with the album … Continue reading The Maker #10 – Andrew Sherwell

The Listener #6 – Andy Uzzell

Andy Uzzell joins us for the latest instalment of The Listener; the man behind London-based tape label, Misophonia Records. The label itself is graciously approaching the six-month mark, kick-starting Pink Midnight's 'R-DA-Epoch', followed by released from D. Hale, SALTINGS, Ade Hodges, and generous double-tape by Kepier Widow (just finished its second rotation on the faithful … Continue reading The Listener #6 – Andy Uzzell

The Listener #4 – Nicholas Turner

For this instalment of 'The Listener', we chat to Nicholas Turner about Post-Rock, discovering new music, and the importance of physical formats. Nick is a multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, Illinois, with recent cassette releases on Neologist Productions, Endangered Species Tapes, and Obsolete Staircase under the name of Tyresta. Our regular listeners will have heard the sounds … Continue reading The Listener #4 – Nicholas Turner

The Listener #3 – Tracy’s Expansion of Presence

Our third instalment of 'The Listener' features Tracy Perry, the curator behind Tracy's Expansion of Presence. Described as "an aural journey across genres", Tracy's EOP presents and promotes new and independent music through Spotify playlists, Mixcloud mixes, and an extensive Bandcamp collection. Tracy is a huge supporter of independent artists an labels, and it's a … Continue reading The Listener #3 – Tracy’s Expansion of Presence

The Maker #3 – Kepier Widow

Kepier Widow is the experimental music project of Manchester-based Alexander Roberts. While living in Newcastle upon Tyne, Alexander was a regular feature in the underground and experimental music scene under the name of Joseph Curwen, producing an extensive catalogue of long-form drones. Since relocating to Manchester in mid-2017, Kepier Widow was launched, exploring unconventional and … Continue reading The Maker #3 – Kepier Widow

The Listener #2 – Tiago de Almeida – Inner Space Travels

Our second instalment of The Listener brings us into conversation with Tiago De Almeida, who performs and records music under his own name. Tiago also runs the recently established Inner Space Travels record label, based in Berlin, Germany. Working as a musician and running a label smoothly is no easy task, so we're very grateful … Continue reading The Listener #2 – Tiago de Almeida – Inner Space Travels