RTR Guest Mix #1 – James Osland

As of yesterday (22/01/2019), RTR has been in operation for a year. In 2019 the label has been expanded to include an official website, including regular interview features with artists and listeners linked to RTR and a series of guest mixes. The latter is kickstarted by James Osland. 

James Osland

James is a musician, photographer, and label owner based in Bath, Devon, and may be familiar with our listeners for his album, ‘Manitoba Gardens’ (RTR004), which came out earlier in 2018. It was the first release on the label to sell out, and received a lot of praise from the ambient community. James runs the label Elm Records, releasing music by the likes of Gallery Six, Sound Awakener, Now Sleep, and many others. 

We approached James to do a guest mix due to his immense appreciation for new and upcoming music within the contemporary ambient scene, producing high quality mixes on a weekly basis under the title of ‘Sleepy Sunday’.

01. Federico Durand – La cesta de mimbre, segunda versión 
02. Norihito Suda – Golden Rain of the End of the April 
03. Benoît Pioulard – Never, just as you wanted 
04. Michiru Aoyama – 終わりの季節
05. Melodía – The rise of early morning 
06. Hirotaka Shirotsubaki – Hyashisaki-Matsuekaigan 
07. James Osland – I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Here
08. Marcus Fischer – Nocturna 
09. The Green Kingdom – Sunken Ruins
10. Steve Pacheco – Reprieve 10. Steve Pacheco – Reprieve 
11. Ian Hawgood – Every Ending Is A Little Sadder Now You’re Gone

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