The Listener #6 – Andy Uzzell

Andy Uzzell joins us for the latest instalment of The Listener; the man behind London-based tape label, Misophonia Records. The label itself is graciously approaching the six-month mark, kick-starting Pink Midnight's 'R-DA-Epoch', followed by released from D. Hale, SALTINGS, Ade Hodges, and generous double-tape by Kepier Widow (just finished its second rotation on the faithful … Continue reading The Listener #6 – Andy Uzzell

The Listener #4 – Nicholas Turner

For this instalment of 'The Listener', we chat to Nicholas Turner about Post-Rock, discovering new music, and the importance of physical formats. Nick is a multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, Illinois, with recent cassette releases on Neologist Productions, Endangered Species Tapes, and Obsolete Staircase under the name of Tyresta. Our regular listeners will have heard the sounds … Continue reading The Listener #4 – Nicholas Turner

The Listener #3 – Tracy’s Expansion of Presence

Our third instalment of 'The Listener' features Tracy Perry, the curator behind Tracy's Expansion of Presence. Described as "an aural journey across genres", Tracy's EOP presents and promotes new and independent music through Spotify playlists, Mixcloud mixes, and an extensive Bandcamp collection. Tracy is a huge supporter of independent artists an labels, and it's a … Continue reading The Listener #3 – Tracy’s Expansion of Presence