The Maker #9 – Jim Wylde

This instalment of The Maker brings us into conversation with Jim Wylde. The Montreal-based explores the realms of ambient, drone, and abstract sound under his own name as well sp3cters; the latter residing within the darker depths of ambient music, approaching minimalism and isolationism. Combining light with dark, Jim has an album coming out on RTR tomorrow (27/05/19): Jim Wylde/sp3ct3rs – ‘All That You Wanted’ (RTR017). Jim also produces regular pedal demos via sp3ct3rs_d3mos via Instagram.

In This feature, Jim talks about early collaborative projects, finding inspiration in new creative tools, and the importance of tangible music formats.

Jim Wylde/sp3ct3rs

How did you first get introduced to ambient/drone/experimental music?

In the early 2000s I tried to make a song using Fruity Loops and a bunch of samples… I managed to compete it but nothing more happened after that. A while later I made a new friend online though my photography. He told me he made electronic music and during our talk I mentioned I had made this one track. He listened to it and asked if I wanted to make something with him. This resulted in Mithræum‘EP’ (2012). After this endeavour I realized I wanted to be more hands on with the creation process so struck out on my own as sp3ct3rs.

What inspires you to create a new body of work?

I have been fortunate enough to be able to set up a small music room in my house. Having things laid out and easily accessible is the main thing for me. Secondarily is something that enables me to make a new sound, whether it’s an app, synth, guitar or fx box. Even a new combination of things will trigger a need to create. Finally it is a healing thing creating music, so to a certain degree it is that, me working something out through music.

sp3ct3rs_d3mos – Drolo FX, AC Noises, Ground Control Audio, Empress Effects, and Bastl Instruments.

How do you approach working on a new release?

Over the past few years it has been very different. Before it was a constant flow of unedited sound… at some point, maybe around the first release as Jim Wylde – ‘Songs For The Brokenhearted From The Departed’ (2016) – more structure and planning came to the forefront. I usually start with a certain chain of pedals and a sound source and play around until I find something I like. Then it’s a series of arranging instruments and fx and many nights of playing before I find the next track… An album I am currently working on started from one track years ago and I still haven’t competed the thing.

Can you tell us about your favourite new release from the last 12 months?

It would have to be Puce Mary ‘The Drought’. Just 44:13 of amazing superbly crafted sound. I managed to see her live awhile back and it was damn inspiring as an artist.

As RTR is a tape label, we have to ask: What attracts you to the cassette medium?

I like the idea of a physical representation of my music being out there in the world. Somehow it makes it more real. To know somewhere someone is opening a cassette of my music and getting ready to listen. It’s a ritual of sorts, at that stage and one I get to be a part of.

Bandcamp (Jim Wylde)
Bandcamp (sp3ct3rs)

Jim Wylde/sp3ct3rs – ‘All That You Wanted’ (RTR017) comes out on Rusted Tone Recordings tomorrow on cassette and digital download. Limited to 40 tapes worldwide.

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