The Maker #30 – Oleksandr Demianenko

Following a run of double album releases, RTR returns to one album each month. The first album to be released on its own comes from Oleksandr Demianenko. 'Indian memories and captured radio waves' (RTR039) from the Ukraine-born and Tbilisi, Georgia-based multimedia artist arrives tomorrow (Monday, 29th). Oleksandr's 'sound' varies in instrumentation and theme from one … Continue reading The Maker #30 – Oleksandr Demianenko

The Maker #29 – Andrew Lang

For this instalment of The Maker, Adelaide-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Lang joins the conversation. Andrew Lang will be familiar to most regular readers, having recently released his second album, 'Momentary Senses', on RTR at the beginning of December. Prior to appearing on RTR, Andrew's debut album, 'Burnt Shades', was released via Harry Towell's Whitelabrecs … Continue reading The Maker #29 – Andrew Lang

The Maker #26 – Stuart Bowditch

For this instalment of The Maker, experimental musician and sound artist Stuart Bowditch joins the conversation. Stuart will be familiar to readers, having recently released his album, ‘Song’s for Wyatting’ (RTR028) on Rusted Tone Recordings in August. Stuart has released via labels such as Hibernate Recordings, Fractal Meat Cuts, and Rednetic Recordings. In addition, Stuart … Continue reading The Maker #26 – Stuart Bowditch

The Maker #25 – Mi Cosa de Resistance

In this instalment of The Maker, Fernando Perales joins the conversation. The Buenos Aires-based musician has been creating and releasing music under the name of Mi Cosa de Resistance since 2017, having released music on labels including Whitelabrecs, Elm Records, Left Tapes, Aural Tethers and Nebula Science. Mi Cosa de Resistance will be joining RTR … Continue reading The Maker #25 – Mi Cosa de Resistance

The Maker #23 – Carnivorous Plants

Joining theconversation for this instalment of The Makeris Bristol-based musicians, sound artist and label co-runner of Liquid Library, Owen Chambers. Having steadily released music under the name of Tremolo Ghosts since 2013, Owen’s more recent project,Carnivorous Plants, has delivered more frequent releases as well as covering a wider range of instruments and found sound sources. … Continue reading The Maker #23 – Carnivorous Plants

Music in a time of Global Crisis #16 – Winterwood

This latest installment of Music in a time of Global Crisis brings the conversation to husband and wife duo, Winterwood. Zac and Holly Winterwood create the perfect blend of ambient soundscapes, expansive drones, and atmospheric folk music. Drawing on a diverse background of classical violin, opera, and sound experimentation, the duo from New Zealand have been … Continue reading Music in a time of Global Crisis #16 – Winterwood