The Maker #40 – Julien Demoulin

Joining us for the 40th instalment of The Maker, Julien Demoulin enters the conversation ahead of Monday's release day. Based in Belgium, Julien worked alongside Frédéric Dufourd to create 'Entre Chien et Loup' (RTR051); an album collecting seven tracks of layered synths, fields recordings, fragmented instrumentals, and some amazing detail across the far reaches of … Continue reading The Maker #40 – Julien Demoulin

The Maker #39 – Frédéric Dufourd

The latest instalment of The Maker brings the conversation to Frédéric Dufourd. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Frédéric has been one half of the duo Donna since 1995, exploring lo-fi and experimental approaches to music making centred around a death theme. Frédéric joins Julien Demoulin to create 'Entre Chein et Loup' (RTR051), an album collecting layered … Continue reading The Maker #39 – Frédéric Dufourd

The Maker #37 – Iván Muela

The first instalment of 2022 and the first in quite some time brings the conversation to Iván Muela, the multi-instrumentalist, sound artist and composer based in London. Iván's most recent album, 'Monologues' (RTR049) opened the new year for the label, featuring five tracks of generative composition, layered synths, tape loops, and effects pedal processing. Iván … Continue reading The Maker #37 – Iván Muela

The Maker #35 – Francisco Sonur

The latest instalment of The Maker comes from Argentinian musician, composer and travel enthusiast, Francisco Sonur. Currently based in Austrlia, Fran’s approach to music making is raw and honest, drawing from a wide range of influences that include family life, growth, hope and nostalgia. Fran’s most recent album, ‘Kind of Happiness’, was released on RTR earlier this … Continue reading The Maker #35 – Francisco Sonur

The Maker #34 – Phonsonic

For the final instalment of The Maker before tomorrow's release day, Alexander Caminada joins the conversation. Alexander is a sound artist, videographer and photographer based in Stroud, and has been recording and releasing music under the project Phonsonic since 2016. Alexander is also one third of Konstruct,; alongside fellow Stroud-based musicians Andrew Heath and Simon … Continue reading The Maker #34 – Phonsonic

The Maker #31 – Pool Of Light

Joining us for the latest instalment of The Maker feature is Anton Bogdanov. Anton has been recording, performing, and releasing music under the project name Pool Of Light since 2017, combining guitar, analogue synths, voice, and extended playing techniques to create lengthy and evolving dronescapes. Anton's latest offering under the Pool Of Light project, 'Modern … Continue reading The Maker #31 – Pool Of Light