Music in a time of Global Crisis #2 – Anne Sulikowski

This may only be the second instalment of the series, but the response so far has been very positive. I can't stress enough the severity of the situation, the importance of taking social distancing seriously, and the sincere gratitude we owe to the front-line workers who are putting themselves at risk for our health and … Continue reading Music in a time of Global Crisis #2 – Anne Sulikowski

The Maker #12 – Brian Barth

The 12th instalment of 'The Maker' series brings Brian Barth into conversation. Under the name of his ambient project, andarctica, Brian's latest album 'buried with the bells' (RTR020) came out on Monday. Four long-form mediations on closure created with lengthy manipulated bell passages a gradually evolving loops. The Amsterdam-based musician talks about Steve Reich's 'Music … Continue reading The Maker #12 – Brian Barth

The Listener #6 – Andy Uzzell

Andy Uzzell joins us for the latest instalment of The Listener; the man behind London-based tape label, Misophonia Records. The label itself is graciously approaching the six-month mark, kick-starting Pink Midnight's 'R-DA-Epoch', followed by released from D. Hale, SALTINGS, Ade Hodges, and generous double-tape by Kepier Widow (just finished its second rotation on the faithful … Continue reading The Listener #6 – Andy Uzzell